Monday, September 28, 2009

Karen Walker's Bits + Baubles

Loving the entire KW jewelry collection!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Book Club: I Love Your Style by Amanda Brooks

One of my fondest memories of 2005 was the moment that I walked into Amanda Brooks' closet for the very first time. The shoes, the furs, the vintage Lanvin and YSL, the Pucci blouse with cats on it. It was a lot to take in. Amanda is a writer; a fashion consultant, and a longtime client/mentor of yours truly. She is also the author of a fabulous new book called I Love Your Style which was released on Wednesday and featured in the September issue of Vogue. If you haven't guessed from the title, the book is about personal style. It's kind of like an updated version of two of my previous book club picks: Cheap Chic and Harriet Love's Guide to Vintage Chic. It is most definitely NOT like That Extra Half an Inch by Victoria Beckham. Not at all.

Because you read Cat Party, I'm guessing that you already have killer personal style (good for you!). And while you may not require wardrobe advice, you definitely need to look at hundreds of inspiring photos of chic ladies like Charlotte Rampling, Chloe Sevigny, and Amanda herself. I was responsible for the bulk of the photo research so I am extra, EXTRA excited about the publication of this book. And I totally appreciate the love from Fashionista. Thanks Fashionista!

I've posted a few scans from ILYS below but you can get a much more comprehensive preview here. I also couldn't resist posting a few of my favorite street fashion shots of Amanda from The Sartorialist and Jak + Jill, respectively. Oh, and did I mention that the the book is a total bargain at $20? Or $13.59 at Amazon? That's like the cost of a Chipotle burrito and an US Weekly, which is probably the second best thing that you can buy for $13.59. But buy Amanda's book instead!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Girl of My Dreams

Only nine issues of Lula and Karen Elson has two covers? Nothing wrong with that, nothing at all.

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