Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chelsea & Joanna's Fantasy Apartment

I am so excited to move out of my crappy studio apartment, especially because I will now be living with fellow Cat Partyer Joanna and our new apartment will be off the chain. Plus we wear the same shoe size so our footwear options will expand exponentially. Maybe I can even convince her to let me borrow her hot pink Comme des Garçons heels sometime. That would be cool. Joanna and I also share a passion for decorating, and thankfully our taste in décor is eerily similar. Unfortunately our fresh-out-of-college budgets limit us to Ikea and thrift stores, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

These Jeremy Scott wall decals would be perfect for our poodles in space-themed kitchen. $110 @ Domestic


We could hang out and watch Lost DVDs while sitting in our matching alligator chairs. Price Upon Request @ Moss

This giant French Donkey Skin poster would look totally fab hanging over our sofa. $90 @ Posteritati

Our bathroom really needs this Lisa Yuskavage shower curtain. And maybe an actual Lisa Yuskavage painting. $1,500 @ Artware Editions

This rug would be perfect for the office space that we intend to use as a closet. $1,792 @ Twinkle Living

All mirrors should wear high heels, don’t you think? $106 @ Domestic

Cat Fancy: Vogue!

Karen Elson as Grace Coddington is cool enough, but Karen Elson as Grace Coddington with a posse of fluffy, slightly retarded looking cats is just more than I can handle.


Photos via Fashionologie

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bye Bye Coney

Much to our dismay the demolition of Coney Island began in 2007, leading to a billion dollar development complete with mega-hotels and luxury apartments. Gone are all the creepy run down stands and creaky rides that gave Coney Island charm, an ideal set for a photoshoot. Luckily Wig. magazine took advantage of the final days, here are a few of the images.

I was lucky enough to make a pilgrimage in late Spring of 2007 with fellow Cat Party contributor Chelsea and two other friends. They're probably going to murder me for posting photos but that won't stop me. It was a particularly sunny day and we thought we'd start it off right by ordering some of those novelty drinks the size of our heads...bad idea. I cringed when I saw the open unmarked bottle of "rum" sludge with the consistency of motor oil being poured into our foot long naked lady glasses, but went along with it because the experience was too kitchy to pass up. We scarfed down some hot dogs and took our frosty beverages down to the beach to make some sandcastles.

Twenty minutes later one member of our party wasn't feeling too hot, not to any one's surprise. After some much needed nap time we were ready to ride the Cyclone. Most of the rides are a total joke unless you're 5, but the Cyclone is a pretty daunting roller coaster, even for a seasoned amusement park junkie. The boards appear to be original and rattle and creak with every pass, you have to have more than a sliver of badass (or idiot) in you to hop aboard. Of course we did.

Luckily, the Cyclone will remain along with a few other Coney Island originals including Nathan's Famous Hotdog Stand and the Wonder Wheel.
Goodbye Coney Island, we'll miss you.

Edit: an anonymous coney lover just informed me that a lot of the old seedy stuff is still around for the season. If you haven't already, start planning a trip for one last hurrah!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Teen Vogue Does Cat Fancy

Everyone seems to be jumping on the cats-as-accessories bandwagon these days, even Teen Vogue! Cat Party hereby encourages all our readers to start carrying their cats around in tote bags. This might seem like a cruel thing to do but cats are bored all the time, that's why they sleep a lot. They're depressed and all they really want is to chill in your tote bag while you run errands and stop for coffee. Some kitty qualudes might help to sedate the frisky ones...just kidding, please don't give your cats drugs and force them to go shopping with you!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Something/Something Else Cat T-Shirts

The Creatures of Comfort Summer Sale is underway with up to 70% off clothes and accessories. Included are these rad t-shirts by Something/Something Else, check them out:

Happy Cat Fish Tank $37

Screaming Kitty Tie Tee $44

Kitty Bow Tee $40

So much cat fancy going on right now, thanks world!